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SonyLIV Premium Subscription

SonyLIV Premium Subscription | SonyLIV


1.You will get one device login permission on this purchase.

2.After purchase you will get OTP for login. Please contact the store after purchase

3.Streaming from one device at a time.

4.Premium Package.

5.Video Quality: ultra-HD (up to 4k)


7.Full period Warranty.

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If you’ve got questions about SonyLIV plans and pricing, We have answers. Read on, and learn about all the different plans and price tiers that this unique, non-fiction-focused streaming service has to offer.

SonyLIV Premium Subscription | SonyLIV

Description:Enhance your entertainment experience with the SonyLIV . It offers a wide range of engaging content, including blockbuster movies, thrilling web series, live sports events, and TV shows. With this subscription, you can access your favorite shows on multiple devices, making it perfect for long-distance journeys, weekends away, or even while waiting for your flight at the airport. Immerse yourself in a world of entertainment, anytime and anywhere at DiGi SuB.

Private and shared SonyLIV account is now available in USA through Travel Deals BD. We share a SonyLIV account officially from USA. SonyLIV has launched its service globally, And we share their account globally at a cheap price. We provide SonyLIV private or sharing in more than 130 countries, including USA. For the best support and service, we suggest you order a 1-year package. It is a cost-effective and ultra-HD account.

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