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Turkey Visa From Bangladesh

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Thailand Visa From Travel Deals BD

Tourist Visa | Business Visa | Family Visit Visa

Call or WhatsApp For Turkey Visa:

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Turkey Visa from Bangladesh: A Comprehensive Guide for Tourists

Turkey Visa Application Center in Bangladesh

Embassy of Turkey in Dhaka

6 Madani Avenue,
Baridhara Diplomatic Zone,
Phone: +880 960 480 0100, +880 170 496 7948 (Consular Department/ Emergency Only),
+8800 173 339 1686 (Emergency only).
Fax: +880 2 4108 0650
Email: embassy.dhaka@nfa.gov.tr

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Turkey Visa From Bangladesh

Tourist Visa

Turkey Tourist Visa From Bangladesh 

Required Documents for Turkey Tourist Visa From Bangladesh:

A tourist visa is an official document or stamp that authorizes an individual to enter a foreign country for the purpose of leisure and tourism.

  • Passport: The applicant needs to submit an original Passport that was issued within 10 years. The passport must have six months of validity after the intended date of departure. The applicant’s current passport must have two empty/blank pages back to back. Clear photocopy of the front page to the last page. 
  • Photograph:Recently taken two passport-size photos (3.5mm X 4.5mm) that need to submit.
  • Visa Application Form for Turkey: A visa application form can be downloaded from the Turkey High Commission website. The form should be complete with block letters.
  • Form 54 / Family Composition Form:A form that comprises of the information of immediate family members of the visa applicant.
  • Cover Letter:A personal letter from the applicant covering personal details, the purpose of the visit, and outlining who will be responsible for the full costs of the trip. Travel, the accommodation also need to include.
  • Plan of The Tour: Applicants need to submit all of his/her tour plans. How many days he/she will stay, which place he/she will go to and all other’s things.
  • Office ID Card: Copies of the office id card/visiting card need to submit (3 copies).
  • Company Memorandum: The applicant needs a clear scanned copy of the Company Memorandum if the applicant is the owner/managing director of the company or employed as one of the directors in the company.
  • Personal Bank Statements: The applicant must submit his/her personal bank statement for the last six months. 
  • Personal ITR Certificate: Applicant must submit his/her last 3 years income tax return certificate.
  • Company Bank Statements:Bank statements copy of the sponsoring company or party for the last 6 months mentions the Bank’s name and telephone number clearly with an authorized bank stamp and signature (If the company sponsors the trip).
  • Company ITR Certificate:Applicant must submit the last 3 years Income Tax Return certificate of the company he/she works for.
  • Airline Ticket Itinerary: A reserved itinerary for the applicant’s airline ticket as per the schedule of the trip and return from the trip.
  • Hotel Reservation: A reserved itinerary for the applicant’s accommodation. 

Business Visa

Turkey Business Visa From Bangladesh

Required Documents for Turkey Business Visa from Bangladesh:

A business visa is a travel authorization that allows an entrepreneur or company employee to visit a foreign country temporarily for business purposes.

  • Passport
  • Photograph
  • Visa Application Form for Turkey
  • Form 54 / Family Composition Form
  • Cover Letter
  • Invitation Letter from at Turkey Registered Company/Organization
  • Forwarding Letter: A letter from the employer’s office such as a NOC/LOI letter on the organization’s letterhead pad stating the applicant’s name, designation, passport number, applicant purpose, and assigned roles during the visit, duration of the visit, contact details, and other necessary details.
  • Office ID Card
  • Trade License: If the applicant is the owner or employee of the company that the applicant mentions then the applicant needs to submit a clear scanned copy of the applicant’s valid trade license.
  • Company Memorandum
  • Personal Bank Statements
  • Personal ITR Certificate
  • Company Bank Statements
  • Company ITR Certificate:Applicant must submit the last 3 years Income Tax Return certificate of the company he/she works for.
  • Airline Ticket Itinerary
  • Hotel Reservation

Family Visit Visa

Turkey Family Visit Visa From Bangladesh

Required Documents for Turkey Family Visit Visa from Bangladesh:

The family visit visa is a type of visa that allows citizens to visit and stay with their families in foreign countries.

  • Passport
  • Visa Application Form
  • Photograph
  • Cover Letter
  • Invitation Letter from a Turkey Tour Operator/Sponsor: An invitation letter from the Tour Operator or sponsor who will assist the applicant to visit Turkey. The invitee needs to state the purpose of the visit, mutual relationship, duration of stay, and other all necessary details with the invitee’s signature. If an applicant goes on a private visit, he/she needs an official certified letter from a relative or a friend from Turkey is required.
  • Forwarding Letter
  • Relation with Invitee: Relation with the invitee must need to submit. If the spouse is not registered at the Embassy then documents that prove the relationship is required. A marriage certificate will work as a document. If the applicant is a family member of the invitee who works in the intended country or an employee in the intended country then a family register, work permit, and residence certificate are required.
  • Resident proof of Host
  • Invitee’s Photo ID Card and Utility Copy: A legal or original document of an invitee who lives in the intended country. His/Her utility bill, phone number, tenancy agreement also need to submit. He/She needs to submit all his/her documents attested by the authenticator.
  • Invitee’s Bank Statements: A copy of bank statements from the invitee’s party (invitee/Employer company/any other person) for the last 6 months mentions the Bank’s name and telephone number clearly with authorized bank stamp and signature.
  • Office ID Card
  • Company Memorandum
  • Personal Bank Statements
  • Personal ITR Certificate
  • Company Bank Statements
  • Company ITR Certificate
  • Airline Ticket Itinerary
  • Hotel Reservation

Processing Time:

Visa Type Estimated Time
All Visas                                                  5 Working Days

*The processing time for a Turkey tourist visa from Bangladesh may vary. Typically, takes around 0 to 5 working days for the visa application to be processed. However, is advisable to apply well advance of your intended travel dates to account for any unforeseen delays.

How Travel Deals BD Can Help:

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