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Corporate Travel Consultant From Bangladesh

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Corporate Travel Consultant | Travel Business Assitant | Air Ticketing Course

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Corporate Travel Consultant 

Travel Business Assitant (OTA+IATA)

Air Ticketing Course with IATA ID card

Corporate Travel Consultant | Air Ticketing Course

Consulting is the process of helping clients solve their most pressing business problems or issues. A consultant is a person who’s an expert in a particular field who gives professional advice to individuals and businesses in their area of expertise. Corporate Travel Consultant from Bangladesh Many people need this consulting because the travel business has two-part, one is travel inventory which is connected with IATA and airline inventory. And another part is the technology which is connected with API, and everything is connected with an OTA. So before an investment people need to understand the business module, and that’s the reason they required a consultant Corporate Travel Consultant | Air Ticketing Course.


Why I am working as a Corporate Travel Consultant?

I choose my profession with proper planning! If you read you get knowledge, and knowledge is a powerful element to earn money! And money makes you so powerful; that you don’t need other people. Believe me, life is beautiful when you generate money virtually and travel the world physically! Powerful citizenship or passport; is not as powerful as money! So I always suggest earning virtually and traveling psychically. I will be your travel consultant and help you to achieve your traveling deals.

I have traveled 6 continents and more than 50 countries around the world with a Bangladeshi passport. You know Bangladeshi passport ranking where we don’t get many on-arrival visas. So it’s a challenge to travel around the world with a weak passport. I am an IATA-approved travel consultant; who assists many travelers globally. If you are a frequent traveler or company, and you expense a lot of money on your flights, hotels, and tour booking; then I am the person who will save you a lot of money as a travel consultant.

Virtually I provide this travel consultancy around the world, which helps a traveler in many ways. With my passion (traveling) I choose my career; where I will save you a lot of money, time, and effort. And globally I will provide the service with a B2B price, I believe with my corporate travel consultancy subscription you can save a lot with B2B deals. I will assist you to save your traveling money & plan for your lifetime. As an IATA-approved consultant, I always try to maintain global standards.

Why does a person need OTA Consultancy?

OTA (Online Travel Agent) solution is a unique product so a person needs to know about the OTA functions and features. Even APIs-related difficulties and questions could be raised. And all the answer providers are highly professional in the travel business. And in OTA business operation every dot is connected to every dot, so to understand business module and functionality a person need OTA consultancy. Our OTA consultancy price is 50$, and after completion of consultancy, we will provide you GDS Air Ticket Booking Course, which will help you to understand GDS Booking System.

Online Travel Agent (OTA) Business Consultancy, You will know:

  • What is an OTA?
  • How an OTA works?
  • How does a traveling inventory work with an OTA?
  • How does OTA Work with travel API?
  • Which API you should choose for your travel business?
  • How you should build your career in the aviation and travel industry?
  • Who can help you to make an online travel agent?
  • How to generate passive income from the global travel market?
  • How an admin panel works and how you should operate it?
  • After consultancy, we will provide a GDS Air Ticket Booking Course.
4 types of booking panels we can create. Those are:
  • Flight
  • Hotel
  • Tour (Including Hajj & Umrah)
  • Visa

We have 3 packages for your OTA development. To know more, click our packages:

  • Corporate Travel Agents OTA
  • NON-IATA Travel Agents OTA
  • IATA Travel Agent OTA
How do I create my OTA or travel portal website?

To create a travel booking website, you need to mind the following requirements:

  • Purchasing a domain name or sub-domain.
  • Choosing a technology partner that will power your site.
  • Selecting booking APIs; If you choose Whitelabel, then you don’t need any APIs.
  • Order your OTA and be concerned about your business.
Here Are Some Points You Have To Consider When Starting An Online Travel Agency.
  • Register the name of your agency and, if applicable, take a license as per your local laws.
  • Try to tag an IATA member or a travel agent who has travel APIs & IATA.
  • Gain more knowledge about the travel industry, particularly the nice you want to concentrate on.
  • Get your travel website designed by a professional company like Travel Deals BD (Which has in-house travel inventory & technology).
  • Do marketing with different offers & deals which suites on your business terms.
  • Utilize the power of tactics as per your business modules.
  • Create a good social media presence and brand.
Why do you need an Online Travel Agency (OTA)?

Working with an Online Travel Agency (OTA) not only helps you reach globally but also allows earning money with an OTA business module (B2B and B2C). With a few clicks, your B2B & B2C customers can search for Flights and Hotels from your OTA portal. In fact, a travel agent can integrate their travel API into the system,  Which means by OTA a general person can do business without IATA And Civil Aviation.


Corporate Travel Consultant, Travel Business Consultancy (OTA+IATA), Air Ticketing Course With IATA ID Card

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